Why Now Is the Best Time to Recruit

It is a great time to recruit

Why Now Is the Best Time to Recruit

We have found ourselves in circumstances no one expected nor could have imagined this time last year. As a business leader, your natural reaction might be to freeze hiring. And that is understandable. But, where some see risk others see opportunity.

“We’ve been continuing to recruit through the lockdown period […] The types of vacancies vary considerably, we’ve been looking at new technical, marketing and e-learning roles to support the Group during the current phase.”  Millie Muncey, Recruitment Manager at GRC International Group.

With many businesses now dipping a tentative toe back into the waters, what can we learn from companies who have continued to hire though the pandemic? Now is the best time to hire talent and here’s why:

A talent pool like never before

Immediately before the pandemic, it wasn’t uncommon to see your LinkedIn feed full of talk about the worldwide skills shortage.

Fast-forward three months, we are faced with over six million people losing their jobs in the UK. It’s devastating, but this means there is an exceptional number of talented individuals now searching for a job.

The second half of 2020 is an opportunity for you to grow your business. Businesses can figure out exactly what, and who, they need in their business to thriving knowing that, for this short period, a range of perfect candidates are out there.

Priorities are changing

For many people, the pandemic has highlighted what is important to them. People are no longer satisfied to spend their days working somewhere unfulfilling. There is no longer a necessity to spend two hours commuting or doing something that doesn’t fit with their long-term goals.

Hiring now means new talent joins with the right focus, the right mindset and ultimately the motivation to do best by themselves and their next employer.

Location is no longer a limiting factor

The next few months will require adaptability, positivity and a progressive approach.

Innovations in technology mean we were already heading towards a world where a person’s talent isn’t constrained by the distance they live from the office. The pandemic has accelerated and cemented this trend.

There is no question that the coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for some businesses. And it is too early to forecast the long-term impact of COVID-19.  However, having a new hiring strategy now might just turn out to be visionary.

Hear more about new virtual recruitment processes from Hayley Murfitt, Sharon Jones and Millie Muncey on our latest webinar Virtual Hiring and Onboarding: