What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding

What is Employer Branding?

What Is Employer Branding? 

Every company has a reputation.

It could include thoughts about your products, services, leaders, team members, history, and more. But your company has a second and equally as important brand, your employer brand.

This is how your brand is perceived by former, current and future employees. Employer branding, is simply how you market your company to desired job seekers. You can do this by showcasing your unique business culture and then working to amplify your company values so you can position yourself as a top place to work.

A strong employer brand helps businesses compete for the best talent and establish credibility. It should connect with an organisation’s values and must run consistently through its approach to people management.

A good starting point when thinking about your employer brand is to articulate the vision and values embraced by the organisation and leadership.

However, employer branding isn’t just about recruitment and retention; it’s also about engagement, and that is exactly what was tested during lockdown. Whether companies will make it through this period, depends partially on the engagement of its employees. Anything that supports the engagement of the employees is important now. Employer branding is definitely one of those things.

Employer branding post-pandemic

During lockdown, many brands went silent. Strategy means knowing what to post and when, but also when not to post. COVID-19 has presented employers with an unprecedented opportunity to reset the clock on employer branding. It is an opportunity to target the right people with the right types of campaigns.

However, employers need to tread carefully during this period. Whilst there is a definite need to plan for your future business and workforce, you need to consider how your actions will impact your current employees.

Many businesses are making tough decisions with regards to business continuity and cost control. The messaging surrounding this period of transition is going to be very important.  Redundancies, pay cuts and lengthy furlough periods are the reality for many, and candidates and customers are likely to remember these decisions and how they were taken for some time.

Victoria Rush, Host of The Recruitment Marketing Podcast explained on an episode of The East Anglia Business Webinar series that “it is the businesses who get messaging right during the pandemic who will survive the next five to ten years”.

During times of uncertainty, employees and job seekers look to a company’s leadership for assurance. This is a time to be transparent without causing alarm. Now is the time to consolidate your employer branding without damaging the perception of your business.