Virtual Hiring; Video interviews & Onboarding remote workers Webinar

Virtual Hiring; Video interviews & Onboarding remote workers Webinar

Our new East Anglia Business Webinar Series. Is a 6-part series for organisations across East Anglia to discuss key topics in business right now.

Episode 1: Virtual Hiring; Video interviews & Onboarding remote workers

In 2018, 49% of hiring managers and recruiters said that video interviews were a part of their recruitment process.
Today, many employers have moved their entire workforce to remote positions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, putting hiring in a new and unique position. In order to stay in touch with candidates and continue hiring video interviews are a must, while remote onboarding is often the only way to start new employees.

Join Hayley Murfitt, Director of Sales at Neaves & Neat and Sharon Jones, Head of Group Talent & HR and Millie Muncey, Recruitment Manager & HR Officer at GRC International Group to discuss:

  • How to successfully implement new virtual hiring processes into your business
  • How video interviews are the new norm
  • The pros and cons of onboarding remotely

If you haven’t adapted your processes, now is the time start.

You will be able to ask live questions to our expert panel and find new ways for your business to come out stronger.



Hayley Murfitt
Director of Sales @ Neaves & Neat
Hayley has worked for Neaves & Neat for over 15 years, placing people into businesses across East Anglia. Hayley is proud to support local businesses as their consistent, long-term recruitment partner and loves supporting people on their job search journey.


Sharon Jones
Head of Group Talent and HR @GRC International Group
An experienced and motivated Senior HR Professional with over 12 years HR experience recognised by staff and managers for flexibility, pragmatism and professionalism. Sharon has worked with top teams as well as being an active and well regarded member of senior management.


Millie Muncey
Recruitment Manager and HR Officer @GRC International Group
Millie has over 7 years experience in recruitment and is currently Recruitment Manager and HR Officer at GRC International Group.



Join us every Tuesday at 10.30am via Zoom:

  • Virtual Hiring; Video interviews & onboarding remote workers Tuesday 16th June 10.30am
  • Recruitment marketing post pandemic – Tuesday 23rd June 10.30am.
  • HR & Employment Law update – Tuesday 30th June 10.30am.
  • How to motivate your employees remotely – Tuesday 7th July 10.30am.
  • Planning for your business post Covid-19 – Tuesday 14th July 10.30am.
  • Preparing for your employees to return to work – Tuesday 21st July 10.30am.