Virtual Hiring Advice

Virtual Hiring Advice


In 2018, 49% of hiring managers and recruiters said that video interviews were a part of their recruitment process.

Many employers have sent their entire workforce remote in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which puts recruiters in a unique position. In order to stay in touch with candidates and continue the hiring process, video interviews are a must, while remote onboarding is often the only way to start employees.

In 2020, virtual interviews were fast becoming the preferred method for hiring managers, before society had to change. Now it is very much the norm. Utilising video during this period of uncertainty means that you do not have to stop your recruitment process. In fact, by proactively recruiting you could be ahead of your competitors to reach the best talent.

Once you have found the talent your business needs how do you onboard them remotely? Onboarding practices are hard to maintain in person, and even harder to do remotely. If you haven’t adapted your processes, now is the time to review them.

We are offering free advice from our expert consultants to help you move your recruitment process online:

– 25 minutes one-to-one consultations via Zoom with one of our experts
– Virtual Interview tips, advice and best practice
– Virtual on-boarding tips and advice
– All your questions answered

We will give you all the tips you need to shape your virtual hiring process today.

Don’t forget

Preparation for a video interview – Again, whether your team has experience with video interviews or not, it’s important to thoroughly prepare for the unique challenges and nuances of adapting to a digital interview process. An unpolished process can come across as unprofessional and even damage your employer brand.

Virtual onboarding doesn’t have to be hard, you can build structures into your work day to make sure new employees feel comfortable from the very beginning.

Putting in the work upfront to document and test procedures will go a long way in maintaining a positive candidate experience. We will help you to be prepared.


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