Video Interviews Are The Future

video interviews

Video Interviews Are The Future

Video interviews are the future

Zoom. Microsoft Teams. Odro. Hinterview.

Six months ago, we had barely heard of these video interview tools, but now they are a part of our everyday language.

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on how businesses operate. It has had an even more profound effect on the way companies hire people. It is too early to forecast the long-term economic consequences of the pandemic on businesses. But one thing is clear: video interviews are here to stay.

But how can you get the best out of the process and the candidate?

A different style of communicating

At the height of lockdown, interviews were still ongoing. They were all conducted virtually, from people’s homes. The feedback from hiring managers has been overwhelmingly positive, they have really felt that they got more out of the candidate than what they would have during a face-to-face interview.

When you hire for your business, it essential that your new employee fits in with your existing team culture. Most hiring managers hire for personality as well as skills. And video interviewing gives you a greater opportunity to learn about a person as they’re in their own environment.

This is largely down to the fact that they’re more comfortable and relaxed. Likewise, the interviewer is in their home environment too, thus allowing an openness that may not have been there before. Interviewing virtually, from home, means that both parties are able to peer into the other’s lives in a way they wouldn’t have previously.

Less stress

The traditional stresses associated with face-to-face interviews, like being late or getting lost, are much less of a concern. But this is not to say that video interviews come without stress. For many people virtual interviewing is a totally new concept, and as an interviewer you need to clearly set out how the interview is going to take place in order for it to work.

“I would cover off with the candidate what to expect and make sure they’re prepared. Things like: how long is the interview going to run, if there is anything they need to prepare and do they have time to prepare.” Millie Muncey, Recruitment Manager at GRC International Group.

On the other side, as a candidate you need to ensure that you are fully prepared. There are several things you need to consider in preparation for your video interview that you may not have considered for a face-to-face interview:

  • Does your technology work?
  • Is your Wi-Fi connection reliable?
  • Are you dressed appropriately?
  • What are the potential distractions?

Now lockdown restrictions have been lifted, many organisations have made the switch to virtual recruitment permanent. And the feedback from hiring managers is that video interviews are here to stay.

Hear more about new virtual recruitment processes from Hayley Murfitt, Sharon Jones and Millie Muncey on our latest webinar Virtual Hiring and Onboarding: