Video Interviewing for Employers

Video Interviewing

Video Interviewing for Employers

In June Director of Sales, Hayley Murfitt, launched the East Anglia Business Webinar series to help businesses mitigate the damage done by the pandemic and plan for the future.

Over 100 individuals from 96 businesses tuned in to Season 1. They heard from 15 different experts on a range of topics, including- virtual recruitment, employment law, recruitment marketing and business planning during COVID-19.

The feedback has been outstanding, and we are proud to be helping businesses adapt and overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19.

We are thrilled to announce Hayley will be returning with season 2 on Tuesday 1 September.

Episode 2: Video Interviewing for Employers

98% of candidates who are interviewed through video, think it is innovative

For those businesses that needed to continue recruitment throughout lockdown, video interviewing became the new normal.

But now lockdown has lifted, why should employers embrace video interviewing post-lockdown?

It is, without doubt, that online interviewing can positively influence an organisations employer brand, and reinforce a technology-forward message, but what can you do to maximise the benefits of remote interviews?

In this episode Hayley is joined by David Copple and Dr. Kay Maddox-Daines to discuss:

  • Video in the recruitment life-cycle
  • What video interviewing software is available
  • Using video interviews to complete interview tasks, assessments or presentation
  • Live video vs. Asynchronous Video Interviewing

This webinar will be an excellent opportunity to ask your questions to our panel of live experts: David Copple and Dr Kay Maddox-Daines.

Meet The Speakers:

Hayley Murfitt, Director of Sales @ Neaves & Neat

Hayley has worked for Neaves & Neat for over 15 years, placing people into businesses across East Anglia. Hayley is proud to support local businesses as their consistent, long-term recruitment partner and loves supporting people on their job search journey.


David Copple

David Copple, Founder and CEO @ ShineInterview 

David is the founder and CEO of ShineInterview. David loves applying technology to solve real world problems, and like the best of ideas, Shine is an idea borne of frustration and real world experience of the recruitment process.


Kay Maddox Daines

Dr Kay Maddox-Daines, Director of Academic Development @ Acacia Learning 
Kay Maddox-Daines is a Leadership and Management Consultant, a Career Development Institute UK Registered Career Coach and a qualified Executive Coach. She manages and delivers HR executive education at the University of Suffolk and oversees academic development at Acacia Learning.