Training and development equals career progression


Training and development equals career progression

People don’t always equate training to progression.

Myself and my colleague, Laura, have embarked on our Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice. This is an essential qualification for those wanting to build a lasting career in recruitment. Meaningful training and career development is often negated in organisations.

Laura started at Neaves & Neat a few weeks before I did. Laura’s background is Operation Management.

Annabelle Graham, Neaves & Neat

Annabelle Graham, Neaves & Neat

So, this meant that she has learnt the ropes really quickly! After working closely with our Sales Director, Laura has now decided to embark on the world of recruitment herself.


And she’s on a roll! Is that almost a recruitment pun there?! Role?! Never mind…

Laura is now working on the permanent division as an Account Manager. She will be dealing with a variety of roles and is on hand to help you.

I’ve also worked closely with my colleagues since I started here. Almost 6 months down the line (it’s gone so quickly!), I’m hoping I’ll be able to add in the ‘theory’, with all of my ‘practical’ knowledge that I’ve gained so far.

I hope that this will allow me to offer a top-tier service to all of my clients.

Laura Bacon, Neaves & Neat

Laura Bacon, Neaves & Neat

But what does this mean for Neaves & Neat?

It means more consultants, better quality candidates and happy clients.

During my first six months here I have learnt a huge amount from my colleagues. They are experts in what they do. The team at Neaves & Neat see the importance of learning and development. But it isn’t something that can be tacked on to the end of your day. It’s a continuous and collaborative process.

Neaves & Neat may not have a dedicated Training and Development team but it is something they do on a world class level. And Laura and I are proof of that.

I feel that it’s a huge positive to be able to work for a smaller company that cares about the service it provides to clients and candidates alike. Having the opportunity for development and getting the right support keeps a team motivated, and the more motivated we are, the more helpful we are to you!

By Annabelle Graham, Recruitment Resourcer