Tips and Advice

Tips & Advice

Not sure how to make your CV the best it can be and your skills shine through? We’ve compiled a number of our top tips and advice to help you with your CV creation, as well as for that all important first impression at the interview.

82% of applications are rejected at the CV screening stage. This could be due to the candidate not being suitable for the job, or it could be that their CV does not reflect their strengths and abilities and how they could fit the role available.

Interviews can also be nerve-wracking, whether you’ve been to many interviews before or not.

We can advise you on both your CV and the interview process, please get in touch and one of our experienced recruiters will help you to find and secure the job you desire.

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Your CV is one of the most important documents that you will ever write. It is therefore essential that it correctly reflects your personality, achievements and what you can offer a potential employer.

Bearing this in mind, surprisingly, the average person takes less than an hour to prepare this vital document that needs to set you apart from other job seekers.

Having assessed a variety of CVs, the Neaves & Neat consultants have compiled some top tips to share with you:

  • Make sure your CV reflects your experience and demonstrates why the employer should see you for an interview.
  • Do not write more than is needed in your profile, 4-5 sentences max.
  • List your achievements.
  • Tailor your profile to the vacancy you’re applying for.
  • Highlight transferable skills.
  • Check, and then double check!
  • Make sure there are no unexplained gaps.
  • Ensure your CV is unique to you, and reflects your personality.
interview tips

Interviews are an opportunity for a company to find out more about you and your employment potential, and whether or not you are suitable for them and their business. However, interviews are a two-way meeting; presenting an opportunity for you to find out about the organisation you are interviewing at, the position available, and whether it will provide you with the challenge and job satisfaction that you are looking for.

Some top tips:

  • Do your homework! Find out as much as possible about the company, prior to the interview. Start with their website and always remember you can ask Neaves & Neat if you want extra information.
  • Think about your skills, qualifications and experience to ensure that you can talk confidently about what is written on your CV.
  • Plan your journey to the interview beforehand and allow time for delays so you can make a good impression and arrive on-time, if not before.
  • Prepare some questions to ask at the interview, restricting them to the details about the job and the organisation – salary & benefits can be discussed in the second interview, or when a job offer is made.
  • Think about what relevant achievements you can talk about in an interview and rehearse your success stories – try to have plenty of potential answers prepared.
  • Make sure your personality comes across as this could be what gets you the job!

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