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Info Regarding the Timesheet Portal

What is the Timesheet Portal and why do we use it?

  • The Timesheet portal is an automated system to track and calculate the hours you work each week. As a temporary worker, you will need to fill this out every Friday to ensure that your Timesheet can be approved by your responsible signer.
  • This computerised method is used to reduce the amount of paper being used, to ensure all hours are calculated correctly and make transferring the timesheet from candidate to payroll much more efficient.


How can I access the Timesheet Portal?

  • The Timesheet Portal can be accessed using a mobile phone, a computer/ laptop and iPad.


How do I fill in the Timesheet Portal correctly? 

  • Firstly, check on the left hand side calendar of the timesheet whether the week that you are filling out is correct. The week that you have selected will be highlighted in yellow. If the week you have selected is not correct, simply select the week in which you wish to complete a timesheet for.
  • The Portal uses a 24 hour clock system. For example, if you are contracted to start work at 7 am, this should be written as 07:00. The tab will turn green when the submitted time is recognised.

Furthermore, if you are contracted to work until 4pm, this should be written as 16:00.

  • If you have worked any overtime, then times should be submitted appropriately.
  • If there are any variations in start or end times, then this should also be submitted into the timesheet so it can calculate the exact hours you have worked.


How do I fill in breaks correctly? 

  • Breaks that are paid for should not be submitted into the Timesheet Portal.
  • Breaks that are not paid for should be submitted into the Timesheet Portal so then you can accurately calculate the hours in which you physically worked during the week.
  • If you receive a 15 minute break in the morning and afternoon, these are paid for so do not need to be filled in. However, your 30 minute break for lunch is not paid for therefore, you must submit it into the Portal. This should be written as 00:30.
  • If you receive a one hour lunch break. This should be written as 01:00.


What do I do if I need to take holiday?

  • Holidays should be requested at least 1 week in advance. This should be done by filling out the attached holiday request form.
  • When filling in the timesheet portal during the week in which you took this holiday, you must fill out the additional notes directly underneath the total amount of hours and notify that holiday was taken and wishes to be paid for.
  • Furthermore, if you’re absent from work due to holiday or sickness you must leave the day(s) that you were absent This indicates that you have not worked.
  • You can request this to be taken as holiday. However, holiday pay can only be applied if you have accrued enough holiday hours.
  • If all of these procedures have not been completed, then you may receive a delay in your holiday pay.
  • Holiday can only be paid if you have accrued enough hours for the time requested.


How do I submit my Timesheet?

  • The Timesheet is submitted by selecting the submit button at the bottom right of the table.
  • The Timesheet will then be sent to your approver.
  • Once your approver has approved your Timesheet, you will then receive an email informing you that your Timesheet has been approved.


What do I do if my approver is unable to approve my Timesheet? 

  • If you know your approver is on holiday or unable to approve your timesheet in time for payroll, you should inform Neaves & Neat Ltd of the new approver’s details. Therefore, you must organise who will be approving your timesheet.
  • Once you have organised another approver and you have notified Neaves & Neat Ltd, an alternative approver will be added to your Portal. You must use the drop down menu to select the correct approver to ensure that your Timesheet is sent to the appropriate approver.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that your Timesheet is approved by the approver and you receive an approved email confirming this. If your timesheet is rejected, it is your responsibility to amend and re-submit your timesheet ready for payroll. To ensure your timesheet has been approved successfully, an email notification will be sent.
  • If your timesheet is not approved in time for payroll (by Monday 10am) then unfortunately, you will not be paid.

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