The Ultimate Guide to Video Interviews

The Ultimate Guide to Video Interviews

This month has seen a dramatic shift in people working from home, and organisations from all sectors looking at how they can maintain business continuity- remotely. Hiring continues.


Check your tech 

This is pretty obvious, but as with any meeting that uses any form of technology, make sure it works. Do you have a good internet connection? Does your laptop or tablet have plenty of charges? Is your microphone working properly? 

Practice makes perfect: Do a couple of test runs before the interview. This means that you can work out any kinks in the technology and find your best camera angle. 

Have a back-up plan

Even if you’ve tested the equipment, things can still go wrong. Make sure you have a phone number to contact the interviewer just in case anything goes wrong. Having a backup plan shows that you are dedicated to the interview and the hiring manager is much more likely to rearrange if you contact them in the first instance. 

Environment is everything 

Just because your interview isn’t being conducted in person, doesn’t make it any less professional. Think about your background. If possible, try to sit in a dining room or at a table. If you were to interview in person, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be sitting on a sofa with a bed in the background.

Avoid distractions 

With quarantine kicking in across the UK and school closures, a lot of parents and carers are having to juggle responsibilities. Make sure you have a quiet place set aside to conduct your video interview. We’ve all seen that infamous BBC interview featuring an interrupting toddler- so avoid similar scenarios at all costs. 

Think about the basics 

It’s easy to be complacent with a video interview, especially if it’s in your home.

Much like a real-life interview, aim to arrive fifteen minutes early so get settled into the experience. These fifteen minutes will also give you some time in case there are any issues with the technology. 

It’s all in the detail . What is your Skype display name? Is it professional? You don’t want to get off to a bad start with a screen name like XxBabe1056xX and a profile photo showing you intoxicated and passed out. Would you put those things on your CV or LinkedIn profile? No.

Most importantly, don’t panic! You will be fantastic. Good luck!