The Power of Positive Mindset

positive mindset

The Power of Positive Mindset

A positive mindset in business is essential, but when the phones fall silent, your inbox empty, it is easy to fear the worst.

2020 has forced many businesses to their limits.

This year is challenging some of the most resilient of companies, businesses are collapsing and people are losing their jobs. When things are not going to plan, it is hard to escape those negative thoughts.

During a recent webinar, Hayley Murfitt, Host of East Anglia Business Webinar, talked about a recent CIPD survey “59% of absences are mental health-related, we need to focus on this and think about what it means for businesses.”

Whether you are a CEO of a multinational conglomerate, a small business owner or a manager, you must find the positive, no matter what challenges you face. People are looking to you for leadership. Set-backs, hardships and doubt are all a part of the business. But it is what you do with them that makes them count.

Positivity is key to effective communication, productivity and motivation.

So, what can you do to ensure you approach doing business with a positive mindset?

Be flexible 

Flexibility in business is having the awareness that nothing can be relied upon and that you may have to adapt at any moment.

Whilst there is a place for being rigid in business, it can lead to a negative mindset in that, anything less than perfect result can be deemed as a failure.

Being flexible and planning for several different outcomes is much more conducive to a positive mindset.


In business, there is a temptation to work until the job is done, but you have to make time for you. The best way to do that is through exercise.

Studies over the past ten years have shown that even just twenty minutes of exercise can improve feelings of anxiety and negativity and also have a positive impact on a person’s mood. When you work out, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that interact with receptors in your brain, meaning that you’re more likely to feel upbeat during a workout.


As a business leader or a manager, there is a temptation to shelter your employees from the bad news.

But the pandemic has shown us that employee’s value honest and active communication from leadership. Talking through difficult situations helps build trust and team spirit.

According to Sharon Jones, Group Head of People and Talent at GRCI Group said in a recent webinar, “as a business your most valuable assets are your people; they are worth the investment”.  And the most important thing you can invest in right now is meaningful and honest conversation.


Ultimately, a positive mindset is key to success at work.  You will not achieve this if you spend time complaining or worrying about problems, use your time and energy finding solutions; that’s how you stay positive and keep moving forward.