Tempted Towards Temporary

Tempted Towards Temporary

Tempted Towards Temporary

Temporary Towards Temporary Work

I was pleasantly surprised when I first started here at just how popular temporary work is, and what a variety of roles we get in every week. When searching for work, I thought people would shoot straight for the permanent positions, as I know I certainly hadn’t considered temporary work before. I’m here to let you know why temporary work may be a better option than you think!

Building up your CV

If you’re looking to start your career off, temporary work can be a great place to start! Perhaps you’re a University Leaver and you want to get into the field in which you studied; however permanent roles you spot require experience. You may think, but how do I gain this experience without working? Temporary positions are a great way to do this!

Change of Career Path

Maybe you’re looking at taking a leap and changing the direction of your career? Where do you start? How about temporary roles? A good thing to note while aiming for a change of career path is making sure your CV still ‘shows off’ the transferable skills gained through previous roles, that would now suit a new position. We can always help you with this! Gaining experience in different companies will also enhance your confidence and knowledge.

A Speedier Process

Companies recruiting for temporary positions are often hiring under a sense of urgency. Someone’s sick! There’s been an influx of business! They want someone good, and someone fast!  Because of this sense of urgency, companies are keen to see candidates who are available immediately and excited about getting into work. As also mentioned above, this is why companies are often happy seeing less experienced CVs too. What is great to see in a temporary worker is the ability to confidently accept a challenge and also be flexible in their work approach.

Possibility of a Permanent Position

Sometimes, temporary positions can be a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Picture this, the perfect job in the perfect company comes up as a temporary role. Maybe it’s an ongoing contract or it could for a set period, but you’ve now met this company, shown how great you are and you’ve proved yourself as an asset. Temporary positions could lead to a permanent role, or when the right role comes up at the company they could well get back in touch. Even if this is not a possibility, as mentioned earlier, it has also developed your skills in the field too!

You’re in Control

If you’re a busy person, then it can be hard to juggle full time 40-hour weeks with, well, life! With temporary roles, you have the control over your career. If you agree to a 6-week period of working, but then you fancy a break, go for it! It’s easier here to fit jobs around you, rather than the other way around! Although not having a fixed job may be scary at first, it could work well for balancing the joy that is life and it could become addictive!


Temporary positions are mostly paid by the hour, and in your bank account weekly, meaning you could be getting paid days after starting in your role. Speedy money you say? Yes please! Also, the addition of hourly pay means if you are required to work overtime at any point you will get the overtime pay! Of course, it’s also funding that gap in between permanent employment or keeping you going after uni/studying too – obvious bonus!

We have a variety of temporary positions coming in on a regular basis, particularly in the fields of administration, warehouse/production and finance. Positions vary in their length too and if you would like to hear more about current opportunities or registering with us ready for temporary work, please get in touch!

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