Talent Attraction: Generation Z   

Talent Attraction and Gen Z

Talent Attraction: Generation Z   

There is always a lot of talk about how to attract millennial talent, but what about Generation Z? Gen Zers were born between 1995 and 2010, and are fairly recent additions to the workforce, the oldest being 24.

To prepare your company for this new wave of workers, you need to adapt your talent attraction and retain top Gen Z talent.

Keep job posts short

Gen Z is the internet generation. They are constantly being bombarded with information. Your job adverts need to be short and eye-catching to keep their attention. You should also consider adding video to your talent attraction methodology. They are an effective way to grab the attention of the generation used to consuming content on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. The key is to keep it short, engaging and mobile-friendly.

Give them room to grow

A recent survey by LinkedIn found that nearly 60% of Gen Zers surveyed would improve their skills for a financial incentive. The same survey found that 46% of Gen Zers would undertake training in order to secure a promotion. This shows that this generation are ambitious and aggressive.

Company culture

Whilst some Millennials were enthralled with ping-pong tables and happy hours, that won’t cut it for Gen Z. Company culture is a strong driving factor for this age group. One study found that 65% of Gen Z want a ‘fun’ working environment when assessing whether or not they want to work for a business.

Some of the employee benefits that Gen Z look for include; inclusive business culture, fitness classes and volunteering opportunities.

Give them advice

Many people in this age bracket are not experienced with interviews so. During a recent webinar Charlotte Steggall, Talent Acquisition Partner at AVEVA outlined how Talent Acquisition can help candidates. For her, the key is giving the interviewee as much information as possible including things, like the interviewer’s name and encouraging them to look them up on LinkedIn.

For Steggall, Talent Acquisition, when they’re recruiting for early careers positions need to be really clear on “this is what they are looking for, this is what you need to do to succeed”. She also emphasises the importance of highlighting where the candidate has shined in the past.

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