Registering with Neaves & Neat – What Can I Expect?

Registering with Neaves & Neat – What Can I Expect?

While I was working in retail, I hadn’t had any experience of recruitment agencies and what they did – it was all a mystery to me! It wasn’t until I started to look down the avenue of my next job, when I started to delve deeper into what they did and how they work. If you feel a little unsure of how Neaves & Neat can help you – you’re in the right place!

Registering with Neaves & NeatLocal Knowledge

Our consultants have a fantastic knowledge of the local area and relationships with great businesses. We can give advice on the local job market, salaries and what jobs locally could suit you and your experience. A personal service guaranteed of course! We ensure we give you the best advice to make sure the next job move is the right one for you.

CV Advice

Writing a CV is difficult – getting everything you are great at onto paper? Tricky! We can offer you CV tips and advice if you require it. I personally love helping people with this as I feel it’s such a good service to offer and really helps people with any future applications also. It’s great to see how our suggestions can make a huge change to the presentation and content of the CV.

Effective Point of ContactRegistering with Neaves & Neat

Our recruitment consultants will be on hand to help with everything from putting forward your CV, organising interviews, providing feedback and then the potential offer of a role. They will be the main port of call for all communication and this has different advantages, but in my eyes the main bonus is the candidate feeling super prepared for an interview with tips and pointers, directions and even advice on interview attire. It’s easy to soon build up a relationship with the consultant in charge of your role as they really are there every step of the way!

Support in Starting a Role

Once you’ve secured a role, our job doesn’t stop there! We’ll handle all of the paperwork and other formalities, and make sure everything is in place for your first day. We can also negotiate salary if appropriate and make sure you get the best package! We love matching the right candidates to the right roles, so we’ll do everything in our power to make sure the process is easy for you. Once you’ve started in your new role, we will check in with you to hear about your progress and how you’re settling in as well.

Ahead of the Game

The pace of recruitment can be fast, so roles don’t always make it out to be advertised on other job sites before they start gaining applications. This is especially applicable with temporary roles. Once you are registered, consultants can contact you directly if a role comes in that they think you’d be perfect for!

If you’ve read through this and you’re now nodding in understanding, then I have done my job well! And if you ever want any more information, do give us a call. Our testimonial section on our website will you give you a real candidate’s view on how we do things too. If you need assistance with your job search, I hope I’ve sold to you the benefits of contacting us!

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