Psychometric Testing 101

psychometric testing

Psychometric Testing 101

A psychometric test is an activity or assessment that is conducted to evaluate a candidate performance and includes; skills, knowledge, abilities, emotional intelligence, personality traits, academic aptitude and attitude.

The tests are psychological tools used by employers to gauge a candidate’s suitability for a role. The main goal of

There are many different psychometric test styles which you can use in the recruitment and selection process. During one of our recent East Anglia Business Webinars, Hayley Murfitt sat down with Mollie Tatlow from Thomas International to talk about how you can use psychometric testing in the recruitment process.

Tatlow outlines that there are two main areas where psychometrics can be used in the recruitment process “the selection part and the development in the employee lifecycle”.

Why are psychometric tests used in recruitment? 

Importantly, psychometric tests give everybody a fair chance. They allow for you to recruit objectively and without unconscious bias.

“In terms of selection, they [psychometric tests] help you understand the best suitable candidate for the position. In interviews, candidates show the best versions of themselves and what you want to do is to dig deeper and understand who that person is; the psychometrics tests are there to back-up their interview and highlight their strengths”, explains Tatlow.

How do the tests work? 

There are two main types of psychometric testing.

Firstly, there are personality tests which explore your interests, values and motivations. These tests analyse how your character fits with the role and organisation. These types of psychometric tests measure your emotional intelligence, situational behaviours and relationships.

Secondly, there are aptitude tests. These assess your cognitive ability to determine whether you have the right skill set for the role. These tests are administered under exam conditions. Your results will then be compared to an average, meaning that you must achieve a predetermined score to pass. Common tests include:

  • diagrammatic reasoning
  • error checking
  • numerical reasoning
  • spatial reasoning
  • verbal reasoning.

In summary 


Psychometric tests equip employers and recruiters with a deeper level of understanding to determine whether the candidate has the right personality and skills for the role.

“Everyone has limitations in the workplace, they might not want to admit it, but they do have them. The assessments help in that aspect. They help you understand what a candidate is like: their personality, their behaviour before having met them so you can ask targeted questions” adds Tatlow.

Hear more about how you can use psychometric testing in your recruitment process from Hayley Murfitt and Mollie Tatlow on our latest webinar: