How To Motivate Your Employees Remotely Webinar

How To Motivate Your Employees Remotely Webinar

Our new East Anglia Business Webinar Series is a 6-part series for organisations across East Anglia to discuss hot topics in business right now.

As businesses are taking steps to come out of lockdown and support the local economy, everyone inevitably faces challenging times ahead. In this series, you will meet Hayley Murfitt and a range of guests from local companies to discuss business across East Anglia. You will be able to ask live questions to our expert panel and find new ways for your business to come out stronger.

Episode 4: How to motivate your employees remotely

Many businesses have crossed the first hurdle moving their teams into remote positions by; ensuring employees can access the correct systems, new processes defined, and employees are comfortable working via video.

However this is only the first step, working from home requires new ways of motivating colleagues, making sure they feel engaged and part of the team.

Is there more you could be doing to engage your team?

Join Hayley Murfitt, Sharon Jones and Helen Ginman to discuss:

    • Motivating employees
    • Mental health and wellbeing
    • New processes to ensure productivity and engagement from employees working remotely
    • Adjusting to a “new normal” working from home routine
    • Positive steps you can be taking to improve communication and productivity

Resources Mentioned:

Mental Health And Employers: Refreshing The Case For Investment, Deloitte:



Remote Working Policy Template:

Making a Success of Managing And Working Remotely, Sarah Cook:

Hayley Murfitt
Director of Sales @ Neaves & Neat
Hayley has worked for Neaves & Neat for over 15 years, placing people into businesses across East Anglia. Hayley is proud to support local businesses as their consistent, long-term recruitment partner and loves supporting people on their job search journey.


Sharon Jones
Head of Group Talent and HR @GRC International Group
An experienced and motivated Senior HR Professional with over 12 years HR experience recognised by staff and managers for flexibility, pragmatism and professionalism. Sharon has worked with top teams as well as being an active and well regarded member of senior management.


Helen Ginman
Director @Unique and Inclusive Wellbeing                                                                Helen is an experienced provider of training and consultancy services, helping create cultures where employees thrive, with the primary objective of improving mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.