Meet Annabelle Graham, Recruitment Resourcer

Meet Annabelle Graham

Meet Annabelle Graham, Recruitment Resourcer

Meet Annabelle Graham, Recruitment Resourcer


Hi! I’m Annabelle, and I’m the newest recruit to the Neaves & Neat team as a Recruitment Resourcer for our Temporary  Division. Inside of work I massively enjoy a fast-paced and busy role that involves me using my people skills, so after 6 years in retail, I fancied a change, but why recruitment? Outside of work I’m a triathlon addict, cramming every hour possible with training.

Recruitment appealed to me as what could be more rewarding than making a difference in people’s job search? We’ve all been there. The thoughts of ‘is it time to move on?’ and ‘should I start looking?’  It’s hard work, let’s be honest! But that’s why we’re here – to help find you the best job opportunities, companies and locations that work FOR YOU!

What does a Recruitment Resourcer do? What does my day look like?

A day in the life of a Recruitment Resourcer involves a lot of talking, which I’m more than okay with! I’ve been a chatterbox since the beginning of time, but this means I get the best out of our candidates, so let’s play to both of our strengths – right?!  I’ll sit down with my brew in the morning and get straight to searching.

I look through job sites such as Reed and CV Library for the best candidates that either suit roles that Neaves & Neat are recruiting for right now, or someone who I know will be great to have ready and raring to go when the right role comes up. I’ll chat to them on the phone, get to know a little more about their requirements, and if we can help, arrange a meeting with them too. It’s great to get to know people’s personalities before placing them in a role as this means we can really match them to a company that will suit. As an office we work closely together with each other so we know the ins and outs of the jobs available. This means when you register with us, you really do get the personal service to assist you with your job search.

And there’s more…

So, searching and meeting, chatting and phoning. What else do I do? I make sure we keep in touch with all of our candidates, but especially our temps, so we know exactly who is searching and who is available when. Of course, there is also LOTS of admin, meeting and greeting anyone that comes in to the office as well as offering CV and interview tips – but who doesn’t love a to do list? (Can’t decide whether I can hear cheers of agreement or not?)

What I’m aiming for with this blog is to make you, as a reader, knowledgeable in all aspects of job hunting, interviewing and all of the happenings here at Neaves & Neat. With weekly instalments, I can check in with you, the job seekers, but please feel free to check in with me also! I can help you with any questions regarding what we do here, how we can help and the next steps for your job search! But in the meantime, have a wonderful week and happy hunting!

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