LinkedIn can help you find a new job


LinkedIn can help you find a new job

How LinkedIn can help you find a new job?

LinkedIn is the top professional social network, with more than 675 million users from 200+ countries. However, only a fraction of those people are relevant for your job hunting purposes, so you need to find- and be found by- the right ones.

During our recent webinar, Victoria Rush, Host of The Recruitment Marketing Podcast, explained, ‘the power of social platforms is big right now. LinkedIn, for example, now you look for a job but, it does not need to be through the job boards or directly applying but get out there and start communicating with companies and recruiters, the better they know you, the better chance you have of finding a role”.

But where do you begin?


Your headline is your first opportunity to embed keywords is with the 120-character job title that appears under your name. Don’t feel obligated to use your literal job title, especially if your title doesn’t adequately describe what you do, for example, ‘Director of Sales’ becomes ‘Helping people find work and supporting them on their job search journey’.


The next opportunity to grab a potential employer’s attention is the “Summary” section – this is the make-or-break spot to sell yourself. Highlight your skills and be specific about accomplishments, awards and other not worthy activities. The summary is also a great place to inject the keywords and phrases, like ‘fast-paced’ and ‘resilient’ onto your profile, but don’t just stuff the summary full of keywords. Write in the first person on this part of your profile. It’s the best place to let your personality shine through and add to your memorability.


It may initially seem superficial, but the more reactions and comments you receive on your post, the more people it will reach. However, not all engagement is created equal. Because a comment takes a bit more effort than a reaction, it will go further in increasing the reach of your post.


LinkedIn penalises links; it is in LinkedIn’s interest to keep people on its website. If your post includes a link that takes someone away from the page, the algorithm will penalise the reach so that fewer people view your content.

Be personal 

People relate to other people, not to brands. Be authentic. Open up a bit and share some of your life; people will be drawn to you. That said, LinkedIn is a professional network, so keep your ideal audience in mind.

Interact with others 

When people interact with your posts, it boosts visibility, so when you see a post that resonates with you, return the favour. Remember that others in your network can see the content that you interact with, so keep it relevant to your brand.

In summary 

You can make LinkedIn work for you and your job search.

There are plenty of success stories on LinkedIn. Jan Back, Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Business Partner at AstraZeneca talked about a recent example of how great LinkedIn can be, “I saw an amazing story about a young lady unfold on LinkedIn. She shared that she had been made redundant; everybody shared it through their feeds. She had 55 expressions of interest, three interviews and had a job by the end of the week. That is unheard off. This shows you the power of being connected and believing in yourself”.

Hear more about how you can make LinkedIn work for you, recruitment marketing and employer branding from Hayley Murfitt, Victoria Rush and Jan Back on our latest webinar: