ITV News Anglia – October 2020

ITV News Anglia – October 2020

We have seen a substantial rise in the number of jobseekers aged 50 and above. And we are not alone in noticing this worrying trend.

The latest round of employment figures shows that the number of over 50’s in employment is declining for the first time since 1993. Over three million people aged 50-64 are out of work in the UK, with over 50s facing a series of challenges to finding employment.  Nick Smith reports:

The charity Aging Better UK is lobbying the government for better support for those affected, especially, after they have lost careers they’ve developed over the decades. For many in this age group, it is the first time they have been without work for a substantial amount of time.

The team from ITV News Anglia joined Hayley Murfitt at our offices in Ely to talk about the report.

“People are coming with a huge range of experience from various different backgrounds, with that there is a lot of transferable skills they can bring to a new workforce.

With that there is a level of maturity, reliability and loyalty that comes with the workforce.”

However, unsuitable training, a lack of confidence and limited availability of flexible working are all contributing to this trend. Additionally, over 60s are at a higher risk for catching coronavirus than any other age group, putting them at even further disadvantage.

More support is needed to help the over the 50s navigate job application processes. Here at Neaves & Neat, we make a point of ensuring everyone is comfortable with our online processes. Whether this is filling out electronic forms or making sure job seekers can work technology in preparation for a virtual interview.

If this age group is forced out of the workforce, there will be a significant hole in experience, maturity and wisdom that cannot be filled by younger people.

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