East Anglia Employment Index Results

East Anglia Employment Index

Businesses across East Anglia are reporting that despite the multifaceted social and economic climate, they are confident in their long-term success. The East Anglia Employment Index looks to understand the complex employment market and where businesses are going next.

The Neaves & Neat Job Confidence Index 2020 is a new report that aims to measure confidence in the East Anglia employment market. The index reports on professionals’ confidence in businesses across the region, in demand skills sets and hiring patterns before, during the pandemic and in the future

Thanks to our expansive network, we are able to gauge the aspirations of businesses across East Anglia and share that valuable information with you.


Key findings from the East Anglia Employment Index: 

  • 2% of companies in East Anglia have hired since March 2020
  • Companies could be doing more for those working from home
  • Engineering, Sales and Administration are the most confident industries
  • Businesses are expecting to hire for more Sales, Customer Service and Administration roles in the next twelve months
  • Market uncertainty is the biggest barrier to hiring right now for businesses.


Never has it been more important to secure the best talent for your business. Talent acquisition is perhaps the most important issue facing businesses today.

This report will help guide your strategies to attract, motivate and retain the best people for your business.

It will also inspire confidence in the current climate. Whilst some people would like to paint a picture of doom and gloom, that simply isn’t the case.

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