East Anglia Business Webinar Series

East Anglia Business Webinar Series


Our new East Anglia Business Webinar Series. Is a 6-part series for organisations across East Anglia to discuss key topics in business right now.

As businesses are taking steps to come out of lockdown and support the local economy, everyone inevitably faces challenging times ahead.

By supporting each other, sharing knowledge and new ideas – we can do it together! We are partnering with local businesses to bring you practical advice and knowledge from their experiences. From virtual hiring practices, recruitment marketing, employment law, how to motivate remote employees and preparing to return employees to work.

In this series you will meet Hayley Murfitt, Director of Sales at Neaves & Neat, and a range of guests from local companies to discuss business across East Anglia.

You will be able to ask live questions to our expert panel and find new ways for your business to come out stronger.

Episode 1: Virtual Hiring

In 2018, 49% of hiring managers and recruiters said that video interviews were a part of their recruitment process.
Today, many employers have moved their entire workforce to remote positions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, putting hiring in new a unique position. In order to stay in touch with candidates and continue hiring video interviews are a must, while remote onboarding is often the only way to start new employees.

  • How video interviews are the new norm
  • The pros and cons of onboarding remotely
  • How to successfully implement new virtual hiring processes into your business.

Join Hayley Murfitt, Director of Sales at Neaves & Neat and Sharon Jones, Head of Group Talent & HR and Millie Muncey, Recruitment Manager & HR Officer at GRC International Group Plc.

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Episode 2: Recruitment marketing post pandemic

As we enter a new world of work, employers are beginning to hire again.

  • How will your marketing strategies change to attract talent?
  • Has this changed your marketing strategies?
  • What will new employer brand look like?
  • What’s the best way to maximise your employer brand?

In this episode we will be discussing employer brand strategies with two experts, Jan Back and Victoria Rush:

  • New candidate attraction strategies
  • Building an Employer Brand
  • Making your employees your brand advocates

Whether you’re a marketer, a recruiter or a business leader, there has never been a more important time to get your marketing in order, than now. 

Join Hayley Murfitt, Director of Sales at Neaves & Neat discussing recruitment marketing strategies with Jan Back, Global Employer Brand Recruitment Marketing Partner at AstraZeneca, and Victoria Rush, host of The Recruitment Marketing Podcast.

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