East Anglia Business Webinar: Season 2

Season 2

East Anglia Business Webinar: Season 2

Over the past three months, we have been incredibly busy helping businesses and job seekers work through this tough period.


In June Director of Sales, Hayley Murfitt, launched the East Anglia Business Webinar series to help businesses mitigate the damage done by the pandemic and plan for the future.

Over 100 individuals from 96 businesses tuned in to Season 1. They heard from 15 different experts on a range of topics, including- virtual recruitment, employment law, recruitment marketing and business planning during COVID-19.

The feedback has been outstanding, and we are proud to be helping businesses adapt and overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19.

We are thrilled to announce Hayley will be returning with season 2 on Tuesday 1 September. Hayley will once again be joined by HR and business experts to share their advice on fantastic topics:

  • Attracting talent: Graduates, Apprentices and Interns
  • Video Interviewing for Employers
  • Planning and Strategy For High Volume Recruitment
  • Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Psychometric and Skills Testing in the Recruitment Process
  • Employee Engagement, Benefits and Rewards
  • Language and behaviour in recruitment

Although we are not yet post-pandemic, many businesses are adapting to their ‘new normal’, beginning to hire again and employees are returning to work.

We are partnering with expert guests to deliver high impact resources, top tips businesses can use.

You will be able to ask questions to our live panel of experts, who will be sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Look ahead to the next series of the East Anglia Business Webinar Season 2, or revisit season 1 here. 


Episode 1: Attracting talent: Graduates, Apprentices and Interns

What programmes, placements or schemes are available at your business to support early years talent?
Attracting talent at this level is a competitive field and there are many advantages to hiring and developing talent internally.

Learn from experts as Hayley is joined by Charlotte Steggall and Marc Rothera to discuss:

  • Barriers and misconceptions surrounding hiring young people
  • What 16-25-year olds can bring to your business
  • Supporting work-based training opportunities
  • Why employers should offer work experience

This webinar will be a great opportunity to ask your questions to our panel of early careers experts: Charlotte Steggall, Early Careers and Talent Acquisition Specialist at AVEVA and Marc Rothera, Business Development Manager at Anglia Ruskin University.

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Episode 2: Video Interviewing for Employers

98% of candidates who are interviewed through video, think it is innovative

For those businesses that needed to continue recruitment throughout lockdown, video interviewing became the new normal.

But now lockdown has lifted, why should employers embrace video interviewing post-lockdown?

It is, without doubt, that online interviewing can positively influence an organisations employer brand, and reinforce a technology-forward message, but what can you do to maximise the benefits of remote interviews?

In this episode Hayley is joined by David Copple and Dr. Kay Maddox-Daines to discuss:

  • Video in the recruitment life-cycle
  • What video interviewing software is available
  • Using video interviews to complete interview tasks, assessments or presentation
  • Live video vs. Asynchronous Video Interviewing

This webinar will be an excellent opportunity to ask your questions to our panel of live experts: David Copple and Dr Kay Maddox-Daines.

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Episode 3: Planning and Strategy for High Volume Recruitment

Many organisations are dependent on high volume recruitment campaigns, whether it is part of an annual programme, seasonal requirements or expansion.

The current volume of jobs, and the ease of applying online, means recruiters and HR teams can be overwhelmed with applications.

Businesses can resort to a tick box approach to volume recruitment which affects the quality of service candidates receive.

So, what can you do to ensure your high-volume campaigns avoid neglecting your employer brand?

Learn from talent acquisition experts as Hayley is joined by Charlotte Downing to discuss:

  • The importance of planning, strategy and timeframes
  • Marketing for high volume recruitment campaigns
  • Attracting the right candidates
  • High volume onboarding

This webinar will be an excellent opportunity to ask your questions to Hayley and Charlotte Downing, Head of Resourcing and Talent at G’s.

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Episode 4: Employee Mental Health And Wellbeing

Poor employee mental health in the UK alone is estimated to cost employers at least £33 billion a year.

If you are looking to review or implement an Employee Wellbeing Programme to provide support for your employees, this webinar is a great place to start.

This week Hayley is joined by Jacqui Kemp, Director at Your People Potential. Jacqui works with organisations to identify their strategic health and wellbeing goals aligning with the core values of the business.  

During the session, we will be covering:

  • Obliterating the stigma around mental health
  • Making employee wellbeing a priority
  • How to implement a wellbeing programme and training programmes
  • Supporting employees to reach their potential. 

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Episode 5: Psychometric Testing In The Recruitment Process

Explore the benefits of using psychometric and skills testing in your recruitment process as we talk to Thomas International, a leading provider of people assessment tools.

Psychometric testing aims to provide measurable and objective data that can provide a better all-round view of a candidate’s suitability;

We are looking at psychometric testing in more detail as Hayley Murfitt is joined by Mollie Tatlow, Psychology Research Assistant at Thomas International to discuss:

• What is psychometrics and what are the different types
• How can psychometrics be used in the workplace and the benefits
• How psychometrics should and shouldn’t be used
• What are the common misconceptions around psychometrics

Find out more about what psychometric and skills testing with Hayley Murfitt and Mollie Tatlow.

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Episode 6: Employee Engagement, Benefits and Rewards

Employee engagement has emerged as a critical driver for business success in today’s competitive marketplace.

High levels of employee engagement have links to retention of employees, higher productivity and attendance.

For this episode we are looking at employee engagement, benefits and rewards in greater detail.
Learn from our expert HR & Benefits expert panel as Hayley is joined by Ruth Talbott, Steph Gordon and Lorraine Canham to discuss:

• Measuring employee engagement
• Different ways to engage employees with benefits
• Flexible benefits, performance related benefits and benefits trends
• Where to start when reviewing or implementing a benefits package

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Episode 7: The power of words and language to recruit & retain top performers

Katherine, founder of Recrion and Career Ambitions, is one of just 550 people in the world to have mastered a psycho linguistic conversational tool called the LAB Profile. Her unique skill set is used to resolve workplace situations, increase recruitment accuracy and coach professionals on their careers.

The LAB Profiling allows her to listen for the hidden unconscious motivational triggers that show up when people speak and act.

Have you considered the impact words have around the recruitment and retention of the right employees?

Katherine works with hiring managers to pinpoint what drives candidates, how they process information and how they make decisions. Her approach leads to her clients becoming very clear on how they can recruit with confidence and create an environment where their new hires operate at peak performance levels.

Join Hayley Murfitt & Katherine Wiid for a fascinating insight to:

• The valuable insight LAB profiling offers into understanding what makes that person tick
• Recruiting people into the job role in which they will thrive and be most productive
• Who will complement your team and how to become aware of your own motivators at work
• Results and case studies of the benefits of LAB profiles in the recruitment process

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