Coronavirus, psychometric testing and recruitment

psychometric testing

Coronavirus, psychometric testing and recruitment

We have talked extensively about how to continue recruitment during the lockdown. And whilst video interviewing tips and recruitment marketing strategies are invaluable, we have another suggestion up our sleeve: psychometric and skills testing.

Good psychometric test results correlate to high job performance. Aside from inviting candidates for a trial day, psychometric tests have been proven to be the most reliable pre-hiring performance indicator in the market.

The use of psychometric testing has boomed over the last five years. The Big 4, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers, all use them. According to Psychometric Tests, over 89% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK do.

During a recent episode of the East Anglia Business Webinar series, Hayley Murfitt was joined by Mollie Tatlow from Thomas International, a leading supplier of psychometric tests.

Tatlow explained during the session that “screening tools, like psychometric tests, help improve chances of getting the right candidate by identifying aptitude, skills, emotional intelligence, personality and values for your business”. And during a time when everyone is working and hiring remotely, you need every tool in your arsenal.

So, what different types of psychometric tests can you use during the recruitment process?

Aptitude & Skills – If your role requires specific skills, such as coding, these tests are particularly useful to screen candidates through candidates.

Personality – It’s also possible to screen for various personality traits that fit well with a specific role.

Values & Culture Fit – It’s the values that determine the performance of an individual within a company culture. A candidate may have the best skills and the best personality for the job but, if their values are not aligned and, they are not motivated, it is just not going to work.

In unprecedented times like these, you cannot afford to hire the wrong person. The use of personality and values tests are advantageous for businesses. By highlighting individuals who possess the necessary skills and abilities for hiring, promotion, team building or training, personality tests can help reduce costs for businesses, as they can help determine team dynamics, in conjunction with interviews and skills testing.

Hear more about how you can use psychometric testing in your recruitment process from Hayley Murfitt and Mollie Tatlow on our latest webinar: