The benefits of graduate temp jobs

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The benefits of graduate temp jobs

Applying for your first job after studying can be a long and tiresome process, so temp work could be just what you are looking for. Year after year, many highly respectable corporate companies approach Neaves & Neat with high calibre graduate temp jobs to help out during busy periods.

Here are 5 reasons why graduates should apply for temp work.

1) CV building: Adding skills and experience to your CV is always essential when you are just starting out in the working world. Employers recruiting for permanent positions prefer to employ candidates with corporate experience under their belt for two reasons. Firstly, these candidates are likely to have gained some essential skills they might need in the job. Secondly, these candidates have done their homework and know more about what they want and what they are good at.

2) Test driving different industries: Temporary work provides the perfect opportunity for those starting out in their careers to test drive different companies and industries. This type of work allows graduates to gain exposure to different roles and industries without the pressure of committing to a permanent role.

3) One foot in the door: Temp work is often used as a way for employers to try out different candidates. More and more employers are turning to temporary work and contract work as a way of testing candidates before committing to offering a permanent role to the right person. For graduates, temp work can be an excellent way of getting one foot in the door.

4) Stand out from the crowd: Each year millions of people finish school and university and are in search of a job. So having real-time office experience will put you one step ahead of your peers when it comes to applying for your dream job.

5) Money: Temp work is great for earning extra income after finishing university, so you can start saving up to move out of home or go travelling.

As we’ve explained, graduate temp jobs can offer many benefits, so if you are interested in giving it a go, get in touch! Send your CV through to or call us on 01353 667 005.