Anthony Sutton

HR support supplied by Cream HR

Anthony Sutton helps to provide HR support to Neaves & Neat through his one-stop HR services shop, Cream HR. Cream HR was created in 2000 to help business get the best from their most important investment, people!

Acting as a business partner, Cream HR helps to maximise performance in a safe and effective manner.

Anthony’s strengths and expertise:

  • Outstanding track record
  • Creating employee performance improvement initiatives that deliver
  • Devising recruitment management programs to aid in HR best practice
  • Employment Law
  • Employee relations

Why use an agency?

Are you looking for a new member of staff but don’t want recruitment to take up all of your time?

Need a temp?

Reliable, hardworking and thoroughly interviewed by experienced team members, a Neaves & Neat temp is head and shoulders above the rest.